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Vehicle Wrapping Cambridge

One of the most effective forms of advertising - our full colour vinyl vehicle wraps, stickers and vehicle lettering can bring your marketing message with you and get your brand noticed!

Professionally designed and applied, you can be assured that it will make a big impact. We cater for all needs, from a single vehicle to an entire fleet; from simple, low cost, one colour vehicle lettering, through to full colour images or an entire vehicle wrap. Just call us today to chat about your needs.

Lamborghini Custom Wrapping from Ambient Graphics

At ambient Graphics we take pride in our work and to ensure the best quality we have a set preparation procedure that we adhere to. We require vehicles for a minimum of three days.

On the first day we steam clean the vehicle ensuring all wax and polish is removed even in the hard to reach areas like the wheel arches and under sills to ensure maximum bond between the vinyl and the paint, then we bring the car into our climate controlled work shop where we remove all necessary parts like the door handles, indicators, window seals, badges etc, the car is then cleaned again and left over night to dry off.

On the second day the car is cleaned again with an alcohol based cleaner to remove any last remnants of contaminants and dust, a tack cloth is also used to ensure no dust contamination. The wrap is then applied to the vehicle completing all trimming and post heating panel by panel, at the end of the day when the wrap is applied the wrap is checked for quality and once signed off it is left again over night in our workshop to allow the vinyl to bond to the car. On the third day we take the vehicle outside into the daylight to go over it again and check the vehicle once more prior to collection.